Super Affiliates are affiliate marketers who go one step beyond just promoting products.  They learn everything there is to learn about the business they’re in and they often make a full-time living (or most of their earnings) from affiliate marketing.  Super affiliates know marketing and how to get the sale.

Do you want to put the “SUPER” in your affiliate marketing?

Super affiliates treat affiliate marketing like a business.  These people aren’t “playing” business, they have carefully studied their target market, advertising options and test and track how well products convert for them.  In a nutshell, they take affiliate marketing seriously.

They know their target market.  Super affiliates know who they’re marketing to before they start promoting a product.  It can be very tempting to want to promote a few different unrelated products, but good affiliates know this isn’t smart.  By choosing a select number of related products they can review and test, and are more able to effectively communicate the benefits of those products.

They put in the time.  Super affiliates take time to not only carefully study their prospective customers but they also take the time to write promotional materials, free reports, articles and anything else that could help their business.  They put time and effort into the products they promote.

They create trust.  Savvy super affiliates know this is a must.  Once you create a certain level of trust with your customers it’s hard not to sell.  People buy from people they like and trust.  Super affiliates always behave in a way which will endear customers to them and create trust and confidence in their customers.  The best way to do this is by providing honest product reviews and information to your customers.   Once a super affiliate builds up their reputation, they know the key to keeping that reputation is also never to promote products they haven’t tested themselves or at least are very familiar with.  Trust and credibility is very important to super affiliates.

In summary, super affiliates are willing to work hard (and smart) to find the best products to promote, they know their target market and they put in the time and effort to communicate effectively with that target market.

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