Twitter has got to be one of the best tools for affiliate marketing out there! Why do I say that?  Because it’s quick, to the point communication with other “like-minded” twitter enthusiasts.

For most Virtual Assistants, you probably follow plenty of other VA’s, makes sense, so it makes even more sense that those VA’s would enjoy reading your “tweets” about all things VA. So how do you then go about using Twitter as an affiliate tool?  Read on and then try it out…

1. Mask Your Affiliate URL:  Use a Twitter tool such as Hootesuite or Tweetdeck to manage your affiliate account. These programs will automatically shorten your affiliate URL to make it fit into your tweet.

2. Show Your Genuine Side: Twitter is all about being sincere so let your sincerity come through in your tweets. If you genuinely received concrete value from a Virtual Assistant product or service you purchased, then your “tweets” will reflect this. If you need suggestions about what to tweet, check out our product pages on this site for some great suggestions.

3. Case Studies Sell: If you experienced a good outcome from using a specific Virtual Assistant product or service, then describe your situation – for example: “Just became a VAinsider Club member, responded to an RFP and am now 1 more client richer” – (add affiliate link through shortened url)

4. Listen and Respond: Twitter is a 2-way communication channel. If you send out an affiliate tweet about how fantastic it is to be a VAnetworking member and someone responds to you with a question, respond to the conversation and create an ongoing dialogue – you’ll be more apt to gain an affiliate sale that way!

5. It Makes a Difference Who You Follow: If you are a Virtual Assistant, there’s a good chance you are following a bunch of other VA’s who are your colleagues or friends. Be conscious of your tweets and respect your colleagues when tweeting about them.

6. Tweet in Moderation: Change up your tweets and then occasionally throw in an affiliate tweet but don’t overload your followers by pushing a product.

  • Tweet regularly about many different subjects
  • Always ask questions
  • Promote other people’s blog posts
  • Regularly retweet other followers tweets when they post something interesting or relevant to your followers
  • Be complimentary
  • AND always be genuine…be yourself!

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