It was a great day today, do you know why?  I found an affiliate check in the mailbox! Now I’m not going to retire on the income but the check will pay to fill up a tank of gas in my car… not a bad return on investment, right?

Affiliate marketing is not hard, it just takes a firm conviction and belief in the product you are referring.

Tips on How to Promote Your Affiliate Link:

1. Write a Blog Post: Writing a blog post as a review about the product you are promoting is a great way to link (indirectly) to the affiliate product you recommend. For example, write a short 1 or 2 page summary on your blog about what you have learned from being a VAinsider Club Member. Here’s some ideas:

    The ProActive Virtual Assistant Series by Yvonne Weld – Have you gained  ideas from Yvonne about how to market your business locally or create a contingency plan?  If so, then write a short review about how this knowledge affected your business and why it would help others. Make sure you add the VAinsiders Affiliate Banner or your affiliate text link to the end of the post to direct people to the VAinsiders URL. Once you have the blog written then tweet about it, add it to Facebook or send it to your mailing list (if you are building one).

2. Video Testimonials: Video is a powerful medium for any type of Internet marketing promotion. Think about purchasing an inexpensive Flip video and make your own video testimonial about a VAnetworking product. It doesn’t have to be in depth or long… just make sure your personality comes through and that you are convening the benefits of the product. Here’s some sample text you might want to use.

    After choosing to begin my Virtual Assistant career I soon realized that there was so much more involved than just sitting at my computer typing documents. I was soon introduced to the Virtual Business Start Up System written by  Tawnya Sutherland of VAnetworking social network for VAs.  I couldn’t believe how much information was included in the product. I was immediately able to get my business up and running in less time than if I started from scratch. I’m all about not inventing the wheel so if you are looking at starting or moving your VA business to a different level, consider saving your time and purchasing the Virtual Business Stat Up System, it will be the best investment you make.

Whatever you choose to do, create a blog post, a video testimonial or even audio testimonial just remember to be genuine and authentic…affiliate marketing is all about just creating conversations…SO GO FOR IT!

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