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How do I become a VA affiliate?

Click here to be redirected to our Affiliate Sign Up page. It’s free to join. We manually approve all affiliates so thank you for your patience.

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How do I login to my affiliate area?

Click here to login to your member area. 

How do I find my affiliate link?

Upon signing up as an affiliate, you would have received a confirmation email with your unique affiliate link to login. We approve all affiliates manually so please allow up to 48 hours to receive this login information. If you cannot find that information, contact us and we’ll send you the link.

How do I re-direct my default affiliate link to a different website page?

1. Login to your affiliate area

2. Go to Affiliate Info > Get Affiliate Links and Banners

3. Under ‘Affiliate link with Custom Landing Page’ the please enter URL of the landing page at our site you wish to redirect to and then click “GET LINK”

4. Your custom affiliate link will appear in the box.

When and how can I expect to be paid after I refer a sale?

Payment is made to affiliates via PayPal (you must enter your Paypal email to your profile) on the 15th of each month in order for us to release your funds.. We hold funds for 45 days as we offer a special return policy for our Virtual Assistant Career (VBSS) product of 45 days.

Example: If a customer ordered a product on March 2nd, 45 days later would be April 16th. However you won’t get paid until the next payment cycle on the 15th day of the month which would be May 15th.

What is the amount of commission I will earn for referring a sale?

Each product is different. Most give you 25% or higher up to almost $250/sale on some products. We also have a lead generator program wherein we pay for leads for jobs submitted to our job board.

Is there a minimum payout amount?

No. We pay all affiliates monthly on all sales that have been referred.

Why have I not been paid my commissions yet?

If you have not been paid out yet and believe you should have been it is probably because you have not yet entered your PayPal email into your profile area. Once we know where to send you your payment we will send it to you.

How does your affiliate program track purchases? Does it use cookies to track?

Unlike so many other affiliates programs, we don’t just give you credit for people who happen to purchase “there and then” through your affiliate link. We use a special tagging system that GUARANTEES that you’ll get credit for the lifetime of that referral (customer). We use Amember as our back end affiliate area which means you’ll be getting lifetime sales (A no cookies system which people can’t wipe out when they clear their cache or switch computers) because your leads into our affiliate system are tagged to your referrals for the lifetime of that customer.

In a nutshell, once you refer that customer into our system through a signup link, you’ll get the commissions from that customer forever forth! It’s a great way to earn passive income without having to lift a finger! For example, say I send out an email blast to my list and a customer you referred a year ago and they signed up. (Reason its good to get customers into our system through our free product offers). If that customer buys from my link in my email broadcast, you’ll get the commission not me 🙂

What’s the best program to use for Twitter that allows me to shorten an affiliate link?

The easiest way to manage your Twitter account is to use Hootsuite. You can shorten your affiliate link using their “url shortener”. Or use to shorten your URL. Remember keep your tweet to less than 140 characters and if you are lucky, someone may even Retweet your affiliate link for you 😉

I have a product marketable to the Virtual Assistant industry but I don’t have an affiliate program to promote it with. Would promote it through their affiliate program for me?

We are considering promoting other VA products in the very near future. Please contact us with your product details that you want us to present here for our affiliates to sell for you. With over 600 current affiliates in our database, who are learning how to sell via Tawnya Sutherland, a Certified Internet Marketing Specialist, we have quite a sales force to be reckoned with!


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What’s an Affiliate Program?
Affiliate Marketing is an Internet-based marketing practice in which a business rewards one or more affiliates for each visitor or customer that purchases one or more of it’s products. It’s a win-win situation for both the seller and the company: The seller gets a commission, and the company gets a sale it otherwise would not have.

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