There are many ways to promote affiliate products.

You can promote affiliate products via your email list, a newsletter, your blog, banner ads, and also pay per click advertising. Pay per click advertising works like this:  You purchase or bid on keywords for your banner or text advertisement. Your advertisement will show more, the higher you bid for your keywords, and when a potential client clicks on the advertisement which will take them to your sales page, you pay what you bid on the keyword per each click through. A purchase may or may not be made, you pay simply due to a click through.

There are a couple of places you can create a pay per click campaign. The  best two are Facebook, and Google.  Tip: If you join Google Places and fill out a business profile Google will send you a coupon that you can use, if you’re a new customer, on your first pay per click campaign. Before you get on board with either site for your pay per click campaign you should have some infrastructure ready. You need:

Keyword research — Google offers many avenues to explore keywords. There are also programs you can purchase to help you with keyword research. In addition, there are people you can hire to do the research for you.

An email list  — Use a program such as Aweber to create a mailing list that is segmented to who has bought and who has not bought depending upon where they signed up from. Aweber has many tools that make this process simple. They even have video tutorials. If you aren’t interested in learning this many virtual assistants are adept at setting up email lists with Aweber or other programs like it.

Product to promote — Find a fabulous product that your niche market will find useful, and has a history of conversion. Most affiliate sites will tell you their conversion rate of any product if it’s not listed, ask.

You can send people right to the sales page via your affiliate link, or you can send them to your email list, offering a free eBook or eReport for them to sign up and then market the product via your list. There are good and bad points of doing it either way. My recommendation is to try both and test out which works best when you get your free coupon from Google.

Any type of marketing that you use whether online, or offline, requires testing and evaluating the metrics so that you can ensure that you are getting a good return on investment (ROI). You can do this with simple spreadsheets using Excel or other spreadsheet program such as the one that comes free with It’s not really as hard as it seems, but for any business to succeed, you need to know what works. The very best way to know what is working is to track it and test it.

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